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Welcome to OnPatient

OnPatient is our HIPAA compliant, secure patient portal which provides you with:

  • Access to view your medical record and associated documents

  • Communicate Directly with clinic staff and your provider

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Collect all your important Health information in one spot.

  • Much, much more

How to Connect

Step 1

Ask your provider to send you an email invite to the OnPatient Portal.

Step 2

Open the OnPatient invite email, press the “sign up” button and register online.

Step 3

Download the OnPatient app from the Apple App Store.

Step 4

Login to the OnPatient Portal Website


Technical Support:

  • Having trouble getting connected?  Follow the link below for Inpatient Technical Support

  • Additionally, Cowboy Clinic Staff may be able to help.  Give us a call

Get Access to the OnPatient Portal

Click the link below and complete and submit the form to receive access to the portal.

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